Snacking 7 ways

Snacking Anxiety – is it a thing? Snacks can be a very tricky part of our eating habits. Often they can be blamed for the downfall when people valiantly trying to invest in a healthy, wholesome eating plan for themselves and their families. We regularly talk to people that are doing well with minimising their families sugar and processed foods intake around breakfast, lunch and dinner – but their snacks – they find them hard at get right!

There is no question that snacks are an important element to our diet, and the right snacks can be the quick and easy solution when we are needing a little more fuel or a little more energy between our main meals. Sometimes this is due to extra physical exertion we have made – like a gym workout, maybe we are sleep deprived and our body craves extra energy, or maybe our previous meal had just not been enough.

Below are 7 great tips to help you better manage your snacking:  

  1. Preparation Is The Key To Success
    Have some lovely raw vegetables pre-cut into bite size pieces, ready for snacking. My favourites include carrots, celery, capsicum and cucumber

  2. Sometimes Sweet Is Necessary – But It Does Not Need To Be Full Of Sugar
    Prepare some snacks that will fulfil your need for something sweet but in reality will not fill you up in artificial sugar.

    Our Funch snacks are perfect for this. You can prepare a batch of 15 Protein Balls, keep them in the fridge or freezer to snack on throughout the week as required. They are naturally sweetened through their combination of ingredients and adding either dates or rice malt syrup. They have no added sugar.  Check out the range 

  3. Easy, Accessible, Quick
    Add fruit to your shopping list that you enjoy, but that are also great grab-and-go options. My favourites include blueberries, grapes, bananas and medjol dates

  4. Keep It On The Top Shelf
    Ideally don’t buy unhealthy food that you know you will find hard to resist. If you do, try keeping it on the top shelf, or somewhere that real effort is needed to access. At least then you will have the opportunity to think twice

  5. Are You Just Thirsty?
    Try having a glass of water before you start snacking. Often we are simply thirsty but we mistake that need with hunger

  6. Snack Well
    Snacks as a great source of fuel as long as you don't choose the ones that only offer empty calories. Adults and kids all benefit from the extra energy you get from the RIGHT snacks. Good snacks can be great for fuelling your body with extra calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals. With this in mind ensure your snacks are power packed. Think natural yoghurt, raw vegetables, fruit, protein balls

  7. Read The Label
    Always read the label. Whilst some foods might appear healthy, when you look a little closer the sugar content is high and there are ingredients whose names you can not even pronounce. By reading the labels you will quickly discover that not all food is equal. Always choose the most natural, wholesome option with minimal sugar or preservatives.

Discover the Funch range as an awesome snack food option. No added sugar, no preservatives. Make at home and keep in your fridge for when you are needing a healthy snack that tastes great and will fuel your body the right way. www.funch.com.au

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