70% Nutrition, 30% Exercise

 If New Year's Resolutions are not going as planned, don’t stress. We’ve all bought those gym memberships we’ll never use, or promise ourselves that every Monday we’ll get up at 6:30 am to go for a run.

While exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, you might not have heard the saying “Abs being made in the kitchen”!

A bad diet isn’t something we can out-exercise, and all those snacks packed full of hidden sugars and preservatives can really add up and sabotage your bikini body.

Start these good habits with a crunch this new year. Making little changes on what to snack on throughout the day is the best habit for any age, from busy mums to ravenous school kids.

A nutrient-packed protein ball or a piece of fruit is a much better option than a store bought muesli bar or a packet of chips. And while we all are familiar with what food we should be eating, it’s easy to forget when you have a tempting slice of cake in front of you.

We’ve done the hard work for you, by putting out favourite superfoods into our Funch premixes so you can benefit from that little extra nutritional boost while still enjoying a tasty snack.

Pea Protein .... a key ingredient in many of our products is Organic Raw Pea Protein  
Pea Protein, which is a vegan-dairy alternative to whey protein, is a great supplement of protein in an everyday diet. Having an adequate amount of protein is SO important for building muscle, boosting energy and brain function, helping your immune system and many other things.

Seeds .... Found in our 4 Seed Mix, Luxe Balls, Slices and Protein Balls
Seeds like pepitas and sunflower seeds are a great source magnesium, zinc, and omega-3. We hear omega-3 being thrown around a lot, and for a good reason: it improves our heart health, aids fat loss, AND is an impressive brain booster as well!

Cacao .... Found in all our chocolate mixes including Chocolate Bliss Ball or Choc Rough Luxe Ball
Mentioned on our website earlier, cacao may be the tastiest superfood in our opinion, packed full of the good stuff like antioxidants, zinc, serotonin (our body’s builder for a “stress defence shield”), and iron. Plus, it contains no sugar, so it’s a great ingredient if you want a chocolate indulgence without the guilt!

Turmeric .... As found in our Tumeric+Lemon Golden Bliss Balls
Turmeric can be known as the Queen of Spices because of its amazing healing benefits. Its array of vitamins and minerals, plus a whole lot of other anti-inflammatories, anti-viral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. No wonder it has been the main ingredient in Asian countries for thousands of years!

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