Bulk Buckets for a Healthy School Canteen Snacks

Although school is almost out, the need for healthy ideas of what to put in kid’s tummies isn’t.

It’s more important than ever for parents to feel assured that what their children are eating is nutritious and natural. Equally that schools are offering the best snack food options for the kids.

Did you know that Funch’s range of products is also available in bulk buckets? These are ideal for school canteens to make up tasty, easy, and cost-effective snacks, with a range of products and flavours suitable for various dietary requirements, including nut free and gluten-free recipes.

Funch’s entire range has been assessed by Nutrition Australia under their Healthy Choices Guidelines and School Canteens and Other School Food Services Guidelines as suitable Amber / Occasional food, which is the highest rating available to this type of product.

Funch’s range of nut-free recipes has also been assessed and approved by the Healthy Kids Association for the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines and the NSW Healthy Schools Canteen Strategy. These products include the Chocolate Bliss Ball Mix, Chocolate + Chia Protein Ball Mix and Whole Oats + Seed Cookie Mix.

They are the ideal snack for school canteens as no kid would want to miss out on grabbing a little ball of goodness that will quickly become their favourite chocolate ball or muesli bar! Perfect snacks that are free of added sugar, preservatives or colouring to pair with a balanced lunch. They can be made in small batches as required or made in bulk and frozen until needed.

Each product has an easy-to-follow recipe on the packet, with simple steps, meaning to make them requiring no special skills or knowledge in the kitchen. There are only a few every-day panty ingredients that need to be added to the Mixes, such as rice malt syrup, or dates and water.

We know growing minds and bones need something with plenty of protein and energy to keep them going through the schooldays, and on to after-school activities, and Funch prides itself on being an item that can belong in every kid's lunchbox.

So if you’re a canteen manager looking for a fresh product range you can trust, or even are a parent wanting to make positive food suggestions for your school, contact us at for further wholesale supply information. 

Happy snacking!

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