From the kitchen to the factory, how far can you go?

Lube Ball mix choc rough and honeycomb crunch

Super excited to be featured in this article in the Sydney Morning Herald. 

"...Healthy snacks were the driver for Melbourne mothers Tanya Duncan and Lisa Bourne, co-founders of food business Funch, which started in Duncan's home kitchen.

"We had our kitchen commercially certified. We were making the snacks and selling them online, but we quickly realised there were massive limitations to how you could get that out to masses of people.

"We worked on different concepts and eventually came up with this idea of a pre-mix for healthy snacks. At the time, it wasn't something that was available – there were cake mixes and cup cake mixes."

They first tested the products at one of the local school night markets. "That was really popular. But, very quickly, we needed to look for alternative options that we could use to create the product elsewhere."..."

She says they decided early on that after the $2000 they each put in from their family savings to kick-start the business, Funch needed to be self-sustaining.

"Always keeping our income higher than our expenses meant that the business sustained consistent organic growth. This enabled Funch to grow from the family kitchen to commercial operation, starting with two products and increasing to 12, and now having hundreds of stockists throughout Australia. 

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