Vegetable Patch Ideas For You and Your Family

When was the last time you got out into the garden and got your hands dirty? Tending to a backyard veggie patch is a fantastic way for you to enjoy quality time with your children, while teaching them how to grow fruit and vegetables from scratch. Sounds like fun, because it is!

Teach your children how to make a veggie patch

What could be more rewarding than helping your kids to learn about gardening and where their food comes from before it arrives at the supermarket or green grocer. Getting all the nutrients they need from fruit and vegetables that they have grown themselves will hopefully inspire them to create healthy food habits in the future. 

The lessons in responsibility that tending to a backyard veggie patch will give your children are invaluable. They will find out all about nurturing through planting, watering and watching how things grow - understanding cause and effect at a young age will build critical thinking skills. Your children will gain more self confidence and have a practical sense of achievement when they finally get to consume their fruit and vegetables!

There are so many great vegetable patch ideas!

Thinking outside the box is where the real magic happens with gardening. You don’t need to have loads of space for a full backyard veggie patch. A planter box on the street, a large pot or even an unused garden bed will do the trick and your kids will love the experience whatever it is. Here are a few tips for growing a great kids veggie patch:

  • Choose a spot they can access easily - Kids are smaller than us adults, so it's important to choose somewhere that they will be able to reach. That way they can be as involved in the process as possible.
  • Keep it fun for the little ones - Give your little ones fun jobs like digging, planting and watering, and take care of the lifting and taking the plants out of their pots for them.
  • Pick fruits and veggies that are easy to grow - Things like peas, zucchini, pumpkin, mint, strawberries, cabbage, tomatoes, snow peas, salad leaves, carrots, garlic and onions are all fantastic low maintenance veggies and fruit to grow with your kids.

Make snack time fun with food from your veggie patch

Once you’re done in the vegetable patch, you can dust yourselves off, wash your hands and head inside for a well earned snack. We suggest anything from our range of delicious bits and pieces like snack balls, fruit purees, DIY slices and so much more!

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