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BOOM! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Funch’s new and healthy Kid-Pow Kids Shake! A superhero dose of protein, probiotics, calcium, iron and more packed into a drink that tastes like a milkshake!

Funch Kid-Pow Shake is the perfect way for your kids to fuel their day. Super-charged with plant proteins for healthy growth and development, vitamins and minerals to make sure they are getting the nutritional support they need, and pre and probiotics for healthier and happier tummies.

Available in three delicious flavours, Funch Kid-Pow Shake is easily dissolvable (with no grainy bits) and tastes amazing! Your kids won’t believe how good it REALLY is.

Vanilla Kid-Pow Shake
Chocolate Kid-Pow Shake
Caramel Kid-Pow Shake


  • Boosted with Vitamins and Minerals (Vitamin C, D, Calcium, Iron)
  • Provides kids with 50% of their calcium Recommended Daily Intake (when made up)
  • Good source of protein with 10g per serve (growth and development)
  • Plant Protein blend (no soy or whey)
  • Gluten Free and gentle on sensitive tummies
  • No added sugar – only 0.2g sugar per serve
  • 5 Star Health Star Rating
  • Contains Probiotics (1 billion cfu per serve)
  • 100% plant-based ingredients

Packs a punch.

A single serve of Kid-Pow Shake is packed with the protein, vitamins and minerals every little hero needs.

  • More protein than an egg 🥚
  • More calcium than 100g of yogurt 🥛
  • More iron than 100g of red meat 🥩
  • Vitamin C 🍊
  • Vitamin D3 ☀️
  • Pre and Probiotics 🧫

The POW in Kid-Pow

100% plant-based. Tastes like a milkshake.

Ditch the bland tasting vegan smoothie mixes. Funch Kid-Pow Shake tastes like a milkshake but contains only plant-based ingredients. Let’s be honest, most plant-based smoothie blends aren’t very tasty at all, making it challenging for parents to get their kids to drink them. Funch Kid-Pow Shake uses plant proteins (derived from pea and rice) to create a smooth and easy to mix nutritious drink that kids love!

No added sugar, just naturally sweet.

Don’t compromise on so-called ‘nutritious drinks’ that are full of sugar. Funch Kid-Pow Shake has NO added sugar and just 0.2g sugar per serve of dry powder. We use a natural sweetener called Thaumatin, which is an extract from the Katemfe plant that doesn't have the nasty aftertaste associated with other natural sweeteners.

Packed with nutrients little heroes need.

With Funch Kid-Pow Shake there is no second guessing whether what you are offering your kids is giving them what they really need. With Vitamin C and Iron to build immunity, Protein, Calcium and Vitamin D for growth and development of healthy bones and teeth, and Prebiotics and Probiotics for happy tummies, you can rest assured that your kids are getting the right balance of what they REALLY need.

More power, less gas.

Most smoothie mixes use whey protein which contains lactose. Lactose can cause bloating, gas, stomach cramps and diarrhea in some instances where there is sensitivity. Funch Kid-Pow Shake uses 100% plant-based proteins (derived from pea and rice) to create a smooth and easy to mix nutritious drink that’s friendly on sensitive tummies.

Ready in a flash.

Don’t compromise on your kids breakfast or after school snack because of time constraints. Funch Kid-Pow Shake is made in literally minutes, and by adding some fruit and your choice of milk your kids can get a nutritious and filling start to their day or that energy boost they need before sport or between meals.

Now available to order.

Funch Kid-Pow Shake packs the energy and nutrients your little hero needs into an easy, tasty and nutritious drink they’ll love.

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