Save Time & Money PLUS They Are Just As Healthy

Pick up most packets of muesli bars, protein balls and other popular snacks and you will find a list of unknown ingredients and multiple numbers on the ingredients list. This guarantees that they are likely to be chock-a-block with hidden sugars, additives, and sweeteners that we just don’t want.

Because of this, snack foods that come in a packet are getting an increasingly bad rap. More often than not, this is for good reason! Hence, making your own snacks looks like the only option, but this can be expensive and unsustainable due to time… BUT there is a great third option; you could make your snacks from Funch’s range of mixes.

We have looked at some pros and cons of making your own v’s creating your snacks from premixes so that you can assess the best option for your own situation.

A real consideration for all healthy snacks is their cost. When you set up to create your own healthy snacks from scratch there is a significant cost. The need to balance the benefits of great fresh food for your health and what is in your budget. Financial reality often means that we can’t prioritise our health as much as we would like. We will compare the cost of creating a protein ball from scratch vs making it with a Funch mix.

The time we spend on our food is not just for the eating, it includes the shopping, food preparation and of course the dreaded cleanup time. Combined this tends to take up many hours in all our lives.

What Funch OffersThe Best Of Both Worlds
Funch’s premixes are the best of both worlds. The ingredients include only healthy and natural ingredients – there are no preservatives or sugar. You also have the flexibility to add to the base recipe your own ingredients, meaning you can customise the taste to suit your preferences.

We’ve really taken the hard work out for you, you don’t need to go through the tedious task of finding all those ingredients, grinding them, blending them, mixing them, only realising you’ve added too much coconut oil to your bliss balls so now they are too mushy to roll!

Price Comparison

We have taken one of our popular chocolate flavoured Protein Balls to compare the cost and time of making them from scratch v’s using Choc Rough Luxe Ball Mix.  

Making Funch Choc Rough Luxe Balls

When you buy a Funch pack all you need to add is 2 tbs of water and 2 tbs of Rice Malt Syrup.

Funch Packet  $12.95
Rice Malt Syrup (60g) $3.80 (for 500g) Use 46c worth of product


Making Process

From start to finish it should take at the most 15 minutes to make a batch of Funch Choc Rough Protein Balls. 

Making Peanut Choc Protein Ball From Scratch

We have looked at the major supermarkets' websites to try to find the smaller size packets of the least expensive ingredients

Required ingredients:

Dry Roasted Peanuts *  $4.38 (for 175g)
Almond Meal  $8.99 (for 400g)
Oatmeal**  $1.30 (for 900g)
Desiccated Coconut  $2.60 (for 250g)
Organic Cacao Powder  $11.00 (for 125g)
Whey Protein Isolate – Chocolate***  $50.50 (for 900g)
Rice Malt Syrup  $3.80 (for 500g)


*Not available in supermarkets. Only able to purchase dry roasted & salted peanuts. Should be able to find unsalted dry roasted peanuts at some health food stores

**Oatmeal not available. Need to purchase Rolled Oats and blend to create oatmeal. Would be able to find oatmeal at health food stores

***Could not find a clean Whey Protein available via major supermarkets that had a simple ingredients list. Would find a cleaner product at health food stores

Making Process
This group of ingredients will require weighing, measuring and blending before you are ready to get into the actual making. The total process will take around 30 - 45 minutes.

Maybe making everything from scratch isn’t as glamorous as people on those cooking shows make it seem!

Premixed packets is a great way to enjoy the homemade process whilst avoiding a pantry full of half-used ingredients, as well as saving your precious time and money.

If you’ve tried our premixes, post a pic on our Facebook or leave a review, we’d love to hear from you and see how you’ve made the Funch balls into your very own creation!

Check out the complete Funch range here 

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