Summer Snacking Done Right

Healthy eating during the holidays can be a challenge at the best of time - in between beach visits, lounging in the sun, catching up with friends and indulging in those New Year and summer feasts, two things are definite:

1. You don’t want to spend hours stuck in the kitchen with food preparation, and
2. Whilst you don't want to spend the time, you also don't want to go without delicious foods either.

Furthermore, the temptation to sabotage your hard-fought bikini bod for the sake of your taste buds just when the weather is heating up and your new years' resolutions are on the horizon is so unappealing. Fast food is easy whilst on the road, and indulging in a second serve of Chrissy cookies is near impossible to resist, so it definitely helps to be (food) prepared for when you get hungry!

So at Funch, we want to help you reach your health and fitness goals in a creative, easy, and tasty way this Summer. Whether it’s in need of fresh ideas in the kitchen for your family, or making the kind of New Year's Resolution that you’ll stick with, successful, healthy Summer snacking has never been easier.

Funch takes the effort out of homemade and healthy snacks: you can travel with the Funch packet mixes with only a couple of base ingredients of your choice like honey, rice syrup, peanut butter, and once mixed these treats can be frozen or tucked away in a cooler bag for a day trip.
The Funch range of protein, bliss and luxe balls are made from 100% natural ingredients offering a simple, clean source of protein and an even better source of energy.

Whilst the Funch product taste like a sweet treat, in reality, they are pure goodness, so not only are they suitable to serve up to friends at a party, they will fuel you through the day at the beach, and are a great pump up snack for your holiday workouts.

We love to mix up our Summer snacks for a lighter and easier option, such as adding our favourite seasonal fruits like blueberries and raspberries to our Muesli Slice Mix, or add some lemon rind to our Vanilla and Coconut Protein Balls.

Happy Holidays & Happy Snacking!

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