Super Simple Protein Bliss Balls

By Bec Stone... I am a clinical nutritionist, personal trainer and spin class instructor who is passionate about educating and inspiring individuals to reach and maintain their optimal health and wellbeing. I am a strong believer in food as medicine and am passionate about all areas of nutrition. I am particularly interested in sports nutrition, gut health and weight management.

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Super simple protein ball mix

One of the most common thing I see in clinic is that clients eat really well at all their main meals, but then slip up when it comes to snacking – they undo a lot of their hard work by snacking on highly processed junk foods.

I get it, snacking on veggie sticks and dip and fresh fruit can get a bit boring, and lets face it, these foods don’t feel like a treat. It’s only human to want a treat every now and then!

Making and baking healthy snacks can be very time consuming, and lots of people start off with great intentions of making lots of healthy snacks to always have on hand, but sometimes life just gets in the way and we run out of time.

So what is the answer to delicious yet quick and simple healthy snacks options??

Funch protein power balls! I absolutely LOVE these protein ball mixtures – they have a heap of delicious flavours to choose from, they use raw protein powder, there is no added sugar, and all the ingredients are completely natural!!

No food processor is required to make these protein bliss balls – you just need to grab a packet of your desired flavour of Funch protein ball mix, soften some dates in hot water, melt some coconut oil, and mix all these ingredients together. Then roll the mix into bite sized balls.

Chill them in the fridge for 30 minutes, and they’re ready to eat! Store them in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. So quick and simple, and most importantly, very delicious and nutritious!

These protein balls are not only great as a treat/snack but also for a pre-workout energy boost or as a quick post-workout recovery food, to tie you over until your next main meal!

My favourite flavour is the vanilla and coconut protein ball mix, but there are flavours for every palate. Funch also have some super food snack bar and slice mixtures that you can buy which are again super quick and easy to whip up into a delicious healthy snack.

If you are doing some grocery shopping this weekend, add Funch protein powder to your shopping list, and whip up a batch so you have plenty of delicious snacks for the coming working week.

Find them at your local organic grocers, health food shops or online!

Happy snacking!

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