Supporting Charities

We at FUNCH understand how important it is to provide your family, especially your growing little ones, nourishing food that they enjoy. Sometimes it can be hard to even come up with ideas of what to feed them because they can be so picky. That's why we dedicate and pride ourselves on making food that is delicious, with unique combinations of native fruits and whole-grains, and snacks that can be easy to prepare and enjoyed by all!

But given the recent economic climate we are in, these challenges can be difficult for those who might not always have the resources to provide their children with the nourishing food they need. It can be hard enough day to day, you don't want to make one feel guilty because they can't always provide their little ones with quality food. That is why we donated our products to certain charities that aligned with our values and to help provide families in need with nourishing and delicious food.  


OzHarvest is a charity we love to support because their sustainable food culture allows those in need to have access to fresh and nutritious food. By donating our range to OzHarvest, we are assisting people in need in our community. Our Wholegrain cereal being one of the products we donated, allows those families to easily provide a nourishing breakfast. We also donated our DIY Mixes, a healthy snack that can be refrigerated and enjoyed by adults and children. We hope in donating our products that families will get extra nutrients into their diet, made from all natural ingredients with no added sugars or nasties, and being gluten free it means it can be enjoyed by all. And if we are anything, it's about being inclusive in our foods so the more people can enjoy healthy, delicious foods - allergy free!

Ronald McDonald House Charity

RMHC is all about keeping families together and close during challenging times of illness. With 18 Ronald McDonald Houses and 19 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms, they make sure that families have a safe place to rest and recharge, limiting travel time to hospitals and keeping the family together. We resonate with this charity as we value the importance of family time, and supporting one another during these times. It's an unfathomable time to go through as a family and we appreciate that a charity like RMHC exists to make it that little bit easier for families. That's why we wanted to support this charity by providing them with our products. To lessen the time they have to source food for their family, they can easily whip up our snacks to nourish their family. Whether it's our DIY mixes that are made with the family, or our baby food to help feed the other little ones during this difficult time. Anything to lessen other stressors in the family's life, we wanted to take the weight off parents shoulders by donating our products to this important charity.

Foodbank Australia

Foodbank helps families across Australia by providing food and groceries to charities nationwide to help support local communities. Just like we love to support our FUNCH community by providing the best for Aussies families, we wanted to take part in Foodbank by donating our products to their cause. It's important to that no family goes without food, and with recent inflation rises and other financial burdens on families, we wanted to do what we could to help lessen that load.
 Foodbank has done some recent research and have found that there is more demand from these charities and communities than what they are able to provide, so it's important now more than ever that we donate to these causes and to help Australian families be free from hunger.

At FUNCH we continue to support these organisations and others alike, as we value the importance of families being able to enjoy nourishing meals and to make sure no child goes hungry. 

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