Mother's Day 2022

The second annual THE MUM. THE MYTH. THE LEGEND competition was a MASSIVE hit this year 👏 

Before we started the competition we knew this year we had to go big, and we meant BIG! And what's the biggest way to show off your mum? We thought a billboard would do the trick 😉 

Mother's Day has always been important to FUNCH as we understand the legendary things that go into raising little ones. So we wanted to shed some light and appreciate all mums, grandmothers, mum figures or any leading woman in your life!

We asked you to tell us in 50 words or less a legendary story about your mum. It could have been anything from her dropping off your lunchbox to school because you forgot it, to being your personal taxi service at your beckon call. The winners would go on to win awesome prize's such as having their mum put up on a huge billboard, spa voucher's and FUNCH gift cards!

After reading through heaps of entries we finally landed on Kathryn from QLD for the billboard prize. 

"My mum is so caring she would pull the car over in the pouring rain and offer other students a ride to school with us. Kids we didn't even know! We were embarrassed at the time. But now I totally love that about her. She's everybody's mum!"

Kathryn Z.

Once we contacted Kathryn to let her know that herself and her legendary mother won our competition, we soon realised how perfect our choice was!

Sharon is a dedicated daughter herself to her mother, Kathryn's grandmother, by taking care of her because of her loss of her sight and mobility. While doing that she has also started her own local organisation called "Hope Starts Here" which feeds people in need every Thursday night! 

PLUS Sharon and her daughter Kathryn love FUNCH products and find themselves enjoying a DIY Mix here and there 😉

So we hope Sharon had a fantastic Mother's Day, we are so happy to be able to showcase her in the biggest way possible! 


"My mum was the typical mother bear. Very protective. When my brother was 2 a large dog came up to him. Mum panicked and picked up the closest thing, a lump of coal. She threw it at the dog and hit my brother square in the head!"

Kathryn D.

"My mum is like the perfect red wine: she ages well, fruitful in knowledge, has great taste, always in demand and always available for you. Cheers to you mum! xx"

Anna W.

"Mum has always been pretty trendy... not that I appreciated this when I was eight years old. I remember as clear as day, one of my fellow eight year old neighbours saying, "Claire, is that your mum in a leather catsuit?". Yes, yes it was...but she rocked it. "

Claire H.

Thank you to everyone who entered, we had such fun reading through all your entries.

Be sure to be on the look out for our next fun competitions and giveaways!

- The FUNCH team


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