Jimmy, Tory, Lenny, Vinny and Mack Rees

FUNCH is thrilled to welcome Jimmy and Tori Rees, that’s right, THE Jimmy Rees, aka Jimmy Giggle, and the ever inspiring Tori Rees (the brains and beauty of the family), to the FUNCH family as ambassadors for 2021!

We’re huge fans of the Rees family and super excited to have them join us on a whole new adventure at FUNCH! Proud parents to Lenny and twins Vinny and Mack, Jimmy and Tori have their hands pretty full in the parenting department. Somehow they still find the time and energy to inspire and entertain us as they share their journey as modern day parents.

Ever since James (a.k.a Jimmy) graced our television screens on his ABC Kids show Giggle and Hoot in 2009, he started his journey to become an Australian comedy icon. You may be more familiar with Jimmy’s newest adventure of becoming ‘THE GUY’ which has provided a comical view on our everyday life. You could say he is pretty down with the kids.

Tori, the brilliant other half in the Rees family, is a witty, nurturing mother that gives us all an unfiltered glimpse of what it is to tackle young family life. Her genuine love for being a mother, partner and teacher is both heartwarming and inspiring.

We feel that the Rees family perfectly reflects the essence and values of FUNCH. Their lives are busy, hectic and fun-loving, and they take everything in their stride with positivity and determination.

The Rees' have inspired us and thousands of other parents, families and internet users by transforming the everyday mundane into shared moments of unexpected joy and adventure, which is what we strive to do at FUNCH. 

Family life is such a special stage for us all and FUNCH has the fun, family, food to support you during it. Through the imagination of our unique and colourful packaging, to our nourishing ingredients, we want mealtimes to be a fun adventure!

We are SO excited to have Jimmy and Tori on board (with the boys in tow) with us at FUNCH. Stay tuned as we cook up something with our new found family members.

Be sure to follow Funch, Jimmy and Tori to join us on our adventures throughout 2021!

Tori & Jimmy Rees with FUNCH food Products

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