What Nutrients are Important to Toddlers?

From birth to becoming a toddler, a healthy diet specific to the right age group is very important. The nutritious needs for a toddler are based on similar principles of nutrition for adults. Children also require the right amount of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats to maintain healthy energy levels. Vitamins and minerals like iron, vitamin C and D and calcium are particularly important for toddlers as they are in the beginning stages of bone, tissue, brain and nervous system development. The more nutrient-packed their diet is early on, the better chance they have at optimal health throughout childhood.

Importance of healthy eating for toddlers

Most of the important nutrients your toddler needs comes from the foods they eat. It is for this reason that a nutrient rich selection of foods should be served when it comes to meal time. We know it can be a challenge getting them fed sometimes, but providing them with a variety of proteins, fruit, vegetables and grains will give them the best start with their health. The fundamentals of growth and development begin with a balanced diet for this age group, so it is best to consult your physician if you have any queries about any deficiencies or troubles you may be observing. 

What to feed a fussy eater

Most of us will come up against a fussy eater at some point throughout parenthood, so it’s great to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Even if you served your child a certain ingredient successfully yesterday, today it might be causing an adverse reaction resulting in a tantrum at dinner time. This is when you need to have a few other options on hand so that your picky toddler can choose what they want. Try to introduce as many new and colourful foods as early as possible and remember to hide your frustrations if they resist. Getting your fussy eater involved with the cooking process can often make them a little more comfortable with the foods they will be served up. Above all else, eating food should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, so get creative and don’t be afraid to let them feed themselves. It’s messy but it works.

Things to limit in a toddler's diet

  • Excessively salty foods
  • Large pieces of meat that can be choking hazards
  • Any uncooked meat or fish
  • Processed food and drink with a high sugar content
  • Raw or hard to chew fruits and vegetables
  • Drinks with caffeine 
  • Foods that have been reheated more than once
  • Unpasteurised milks and cheeses
  • Spicy foods

Funch has delicious and healthy snacks for your toddler

A nutritional and balanced diet is important for all of us, especially your children. Steering clear of processed products and looking for great wholefoods like fruits, vegetables and cereals will put your kids on the track to developing healthy eating habits. At Funch, we can offer your fussy eaters snacks they will absolutely love. Choose from our range of purees and baby food that aim to please even the pickiest little ones.

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