When we think of the perfect school lunch snack, a few very important things come to mind





Breakfast cookie mixFor one, it has to be super delicious, but also healthy.

It also has to be free of nuts, something that won't come home untouched at the end of the school day and doesn’t require a Masterchef in the kitchen to make them. 

Trying to find this “perfect” snack can soon become an almost impossible task for mums and dads everywhere.

Trust us, we know. Every parent dreads seeing the snack they have meticulously picked out to stay un-eaten when they open up the lunchboxes.

That’s why Funch is made by mums Tanya and Lisa, who know the priorities need to be easy, yummy, and nutritious!

Our premixes take the hassle out of cooking and baking and need only a few ingredients and a spare 10 minutes out of the day to make. The added ingredients can be chosen from honey to dates or rice malt syrup, as well as a little water or coconut oil, meaning they are even suitable for the sensitive little tummies at school, or maybe for the pickier taste buds in the family.

Funch’s Chocolate Bliss Balls and Choc Chip & Coconut Muesli Slices can suit a range of dietary requirements making them suitable for any school lunchboxes as well as school canteens. Funch kids snack range has also been assessed by both the Healthy Kids Association and Nutrition Australia deeming them suitable for supply into school canteens Australia wide.

Funch it literally that sneaky treat the kids will love- just without the sugar and nasty stuff like preservatives or additives!

One of the best parts?

Funch’s premixes are made for the modern day mums:

They have work, kids to drop off to sports, and can’t miss out on their yoga or spin class, so our snacks are designed so you can whip them up in an instant, or store them in the fridge (for weeks) or freeze them as future grab-and-go snacks. 

The biggest struggle they will have is actually trying to make the Funch balls last until they can actually get to the lunch box!

Our range that we recommend for school lunches, as they are nut free recipes include: 

If nuts are not a problem some other popular options for the kids includes:

You can check out the full range on our website www.funch.com.au

PS Till the end of the first week of Term 2 you receive a discount on the Funch Lunchbox Snack Mix Range by using the code 4FOR40 at checkout. You receive the 4 nut-free products for the discounted price of $40. 

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