Winter Family Activities

Found you and your family on another rainy day in paradise?

To make the most of those gloomy days FUNCH have compiled a list of their favourite activities to do on a wet day timetable. It got us reminiscing on the times we were children, or let us in on some sneaky ideas that colleagues with children of their own like to do.

So without further ado here are FUNCH’s top winter activities:

1. Puzzles

We get we’ve all had enough of puzzles during those lockdowns, but what if we switched it up and added some energy to this slow paced activity? We are talking about a timer, 200 piece puzzle? 20 minutes to finish it. 500 piece puzzle? An hour to finish. And so on. Setting a timer to the experience can get the energy higher up (which also means a nap afterwards is in order). The kids can work together as a team, one does the border, another does a certain colour and so on. It gets the family working together to finish something, bringing everyone together and passing time while it rains cats and dogs outside. So get that puzzle out of the cupboard and on your mark, get set, PUZZLE!

2. Bake or cook 

The key to a successful time in the kitchen with the children is to keep it simple. There is no one to impress when it’s a family day stuck inside, so if you keep the ingredients minimal and the method easy enough to follow, hopefully it all goes smoothly.

We suggest our DIY mixes. Come on, you wouldn't expect us to do a blog post and not plug our own product. The beauty of the mixes is you can DIY with whatever ingredients you have. Click HERE for some ways you can substitute the ingredients in our DIY mixes.


Make a pizza from scratch. We know we said we would keep the suggestions simple but making a pizza dough from scratch can be a fun hands on experience for the kids. Plus you’re most likely to have all the ingredients in the pantry to make the dough. And making pizzas can be a great way to clear out the fridge from any “about to expire” produce. The kids can put their favourite toppings on themself, we do of course suggest that a parent supervises, especially when dealing with the oven. And don’t forget, there is no maximum on toppings, go wild and enjoy!

3. Movies

Whether you wanna treat the children to a day out to the movies or want to cuddle up on the couch, both should also include one thing….POPCORN! It feels like every week there are new movies and tv-shows on streaming platforms, so why not narrow down the options for the children to choose. And if they can’t agree, lucky draw one from a hat! Winter also means that there are some great blockbusters at the cinemas. Depending on the age of your children, you’ve got action, you’ve got animation, you’ve got lots of options! And if not, why not check out another cinema that perhaps may have a special going with prices and an old children’s classic that you can take the kids too. A few hours of everyone glued to a screen? What better way to pass time on a rainy day.

4. Dance session

If you want to tire out the children without them noticing, a dance session is in order. Tell siri to pop on a dance playlist or your child’s favourite song, and dance until you can’t no more! Better yet make it a karaoke session. YouTube has plenty of karaoke options, put on a video and you’ll get everyone shouting their hearts out over the thunder outside. Before you know it, everyone is tired but happy. Hopefully their energy doesn’t last too long….

5. Build a fort

The most popular rainy day activity. We are nostalgic just thinking about it. Building a fort would have to be a great way to let the imagination of your child run wild. And the best part is, you make it from what you have, that’s a fun challenge in itself. But remember to keep all valuables clear of the fort because you never know when it might tumble down. Good luck and remember the linen cupboard is key for extra ‘supplies’.

6. Pick up a new hobby

This one can differ depending on how old your children are. And the best when the weather forecast says it will be raining all weekend. Hobbies can include but are not limited to: learning a new language - perhaps just try and learn to say hello and goodbye in as many languages as possible. A new skill like crocheting - this can be a challenge but the result could be worthwhile, like say a new scarf? Perfect for this cold weather! Our personal fave? Write a new song! Make instruments of things around the house, and let everyone have a turn writing a line. Before you know it you’ve all turned into the Partridge Family and you’ll be touring the country.

7. Treasure Hunt

Pretend you're Nicholas Cage in National Treasure, set up clues along the way for your little ones to go on a treasure hunt around the house. Or keep it simple and play a game of hot or cold. Hide something around the house and as they move around they either get hot, closer to the treasure, or cold, further away from the treasure. The treasure though? That’s up to you, we can’t do all the idea suggestions for you, come on.

8. Sensory Bin - for the littlest ones

Fill a bin with rice and ‘treasures’. There’s that word again, treasure.
This activity is meant to entertain the children and makes for a good time for you to have a break too. It can be any kind of small toy, the best we’ve found is little toy bugs that are buried in rice or sand and the kids spend ages trying to hunt for them all. Mind you, this one can be messy, so keep a broom or a vacuum cleaner nearby.

So if you’re stuck inside this weekend with the children and are running out of ideas on how to pass time, have a go at something from our list. Now we are off to finish learning that new dance routine with the kids, their father will be the only spectator so I can’t see it getting a standing ovation.

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