Passionfruit Lime Shake

We LOVED creating this shake because it was sooooo delicious! Keeping the passionfruit 'whole' by using a shaker instead of a blender was life changing. Using a straw to slurp up the pips felt like we were eating a bubble tea 😆 The zesty-ness of the lime - chefs kiss! Now we do admit we used a whole lime not a half cause we are a sucker for that zesty feeling 😂 So don't hold back, let your tastebuds explore a fruitful world with the help of our Kid-POW Shakes 💪 

Prep Time: 5 mins or less

Passionfruit Lime Shake



  1. Combine all the ingredients in a shaker or blender, blend together.
  2. Pour into cup and enjoy!

- Try some extra zest with lime zest on top!
- If you use a shaker, the passionfruit pips stay whole making for a crunchy yummy drink!
- can be made using any 3 of our Kid-POW Shake flavours!

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