Benefits of Funch

No More Snacking Anxiety : Snack with confidence knowing that each mouthful counts in positively contributing to your daily nutrition intake. 

Convenience : Make a packet then keep them in the fridge for up to 10 days or the freezer for up to 3 months, so that you always have a great grab and go snacking option. 

12 Month Shelf-Life : Don't have time to make your Funch this week, no problem! As a staple in your pantry, Funch will last for months, keeping it's freshness and nutrition ready to be made when you are. 

Zero Food Waste / Money Saving Snack : You no longer need up to 8 different packs of ingredients to make your own snacks, each with only a couple of spoons used from each pack. It saves you money and dramatically reduces food waste. 

Vegan / Dairy Free / Gluten Free : If you have food preference Funch has you covered. Our range offers a variety of products that accommodate difference dietary preferences.

No Added Sugar : None of our products have added sugar. We encourage the use of natural sweeteners to brighten the taste whilst keeping the food a healthy as possible.
Funch offers great snacking solutions for kids, students, seniors, busy families and working professionals, helping them to achieve a healthier lifestyle whilst continuing to enjoy a diverse range of snacks.

Where Funch Fits In

As a satisfying snack Funch products are suitable whenever hunger strikes. Healthy snacks are a great way to support your body in between meals, so why not ensure they’re as nutritious as possible and make them count!

Pre-Exercise : A protein or energy snack will help power you through your workout, making the most of the time you dedicate to exercise.

Post-Exercise : A post-exercise protein snack can help support your body’s recovery and give your lean muscles the fuel they need to grow.

3pm Pick-Up, Mid-Morning Munchies, After-Dinner Delight : Make your snacks count as part of your overall nutritious diet.  Do away with the biscuits, chocolate or sugar-packed treats, and replace them with Funch’s healthy, 100% natural, nutritious and great-tasting protein balls, slices, biscuits and muesli bars.