What countries do we ship to?

At the moment, via our website, we ship to Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Please visit our shipping page for more information about our shipping and delivery options.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes we do! Free shipping is available Australia wide on orders over $40. All multipacks and bundles include free shipping too.

Do you offer refunds?

Please visit our returns page for more information regarding our refunds and returns policy.

Are your products available at Woolworths or Coles?

At current, you can purchase our products online, at Baby Bunting or  chosen FoodWorks and Pharmacy Alliance stores. Keep up to date with announcements on our website for the announcement of stockers of our products.

Do you offer your products for wholesale?

Please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your requirements.

Are your products vegan?

Our entire range, Family Snacks and Baby Food are all made from vegan ingredients.

Family Snacks

What do I need to add to my Pre-Mix Pack?

There is a detailed recipe on the back of each packet. You can add ingredients to suit your taste and health preferences. Recommended ingredients include:

  • Water & Honey, or
  • Water & Rice Syrup, or
  • Water & Dates, or
  • Coconut Oil & Rice Syrup, or
  • Coconut Oil & Dates

For more detail and additional options, please refer to our DIY Mix guide.

What are the nutritional panels for the dry ingredients?

We have based our nutritional panels on the dry ingredients of the mix and can be found on each individual product page on our website.


    Do you need to make all of the Pre-Mixed pack at one time? 

    Yes, we recommend that you use the entire packet.  

    How long do the mixes last once they are made? 

    Once made the product will last for up to 2 weeks in the fridge and up to 3 months in the freezer. 

    Can I freeze the balls/slice?
    Yes you can freeze them. They last up to 3 months in the freezer and turn into a really lovely fudgy texture!

    Why is the age 4+ on the Kid-POW Shake?

    It is based off the recommended daily intake (RDI%) on the age range (starting at 4 years), so will be too high for younger little ones.

    Are the shakes dairy free and soy free?
    They do not have those ingredients but are packed in a facility that handles milk and soy in which traces may remain (but is highly unlikely and is tested regularly).

    What protein is in the Kid-POW Shake?
    We use a plant protein made from pea and rice.


    Baby Food

    Are your products gluten free?

    Yes, our baby purees and cereals are gluten free.

    Do they contain nuts?

    Our cereals and purees do not contain nuts.

    Where can I find the nutritional information for each product?

    The nutritional information can be found on each product page.

    What age is this suitable for? 

    Purees: Our purees are suitable for little ones 6 months and older! All the way up to adults...we won’t tell anyone! 

    Cereals: Our cereals are suitable for anyone over the age of 6 months!