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Earn rewards and get access to special offers and products when you shop and share Funch! Getting started is super easy. Simply create a Funch account and start collecting Funchies!

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How it works

Start collecting Funchies by creating a Funch account or logging in with your existing one.

  1. Join the club by logging in or creating a Funch account.
  2. Complete actions to collect Funchies.
  3. Swap your Funchies for discounts, exclusive products, and rewards.

Funch Club Rewards

Swap your Funchies for discounts and member exclusive products, merchandise and rewards.

  • 500 Funchies
    $5 off your order
  • 1000 Funchies
    $10 off your order
  • 1500 Funchies
    $15 off your order

Ways to collect Funchies

Collect Funchies by completing actions and turn them into discounts and rewards!

  • Join the Funch Club
    200 Funchies
  • Place an order
    1 Funchy for every $
  • Like us on Facebook
    50 Funchies
  • Follow us on Instagram
    50 Funchies
  • Share on Facebook
    50 Funchies
  • It’s your Birthday!
    500 Funchies
  • Leave a review
    250 Funchies
  • Refer a friend
    500 Funchies

Refer friends and get $5!

Give your friends $5 off and get $5 when they shop!

  1. Log in or create a Funch account.
  2. Share your unique URL with your friends or enter their email to give them $5 off.
  3. When your friend places an order, you’ll receive a $5 voucher!

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