How It Works

Here at Funch we have brought together our favourite, tried and tested Funch recipes, ensuring they are full of healthy, natural, organic ingredients that are packed with important vitamins and nutrients. 

At Funch, our mantra is to encourage every family to be their healthiest. But we recognise that lifes commitments can put massive pressure on our time which often means we do what is convenient, which is not necessarily what is healthy. 

Funch's products help families address some of these challenges by offering products that are:

  • Suitable for everyone in the family
  • Ideal for lunchboxes, work lunches, after-school snacks
  • Contain loads of Superfoods, meaning they are nutrient-rich
  • Quick to prepare
  • When properly stored they keep for weeks
  • Convenient, no mess baking and making
  • Cost effective way of including sensational ingredients in your snacks

The advantages of eating these Funch snacks:

  • They are delicious
  • Boost your energy
  • Keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • Sensationally healthy option
  • Incorporate 'healthy fats' where possible

Our desire is to promote an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle whilst helping you reach the health goals of your whole family.